What are credits?

Qualification with the ATA College is based on credits. Each module on the ATA College has a credit value.

The following symbol indicates the number of credits awarded on the successful completion of each module.

Types of qualification

ATA College awards four levels of qualification.

Pending qualification

Pending qualification means the Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) course has not been completed.

Bronze qualification

Bronze is the first level of qualification and is awarded after completing the Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) course. This course covers the essential topics for being a tutor and must be completed before Silver or Gold qualification can be attained.

Silver qualification

Silver qualification is awarded once the Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) course is completed and an additional 18 credits have been achieved.

Gold qualification

Gold qualification is awarded once the Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) course is completed and an additional 36 credits have been achieved.


Teachers who have had their teaching credentials validated are recognised as a qualified teacher with the following badge.

Qualified teacher


Our specialisation courses demonstrate expertise in a specific area and are also recognised with the following badges.

Literacy specialisation
Numeracy specialisation

Monitoring your qualification

You will find the details of your qualification and progress on the ‘My Status’ page under your account.

Silver Qualification
CORE +32 Credits
  • Numeracy Specialisation
About my qualification?
  • Numeracy Specialisation
+14 Credits
CORE +18 Credits
CORE +36 Credits

Here you can also monitor modules you have completed and the associated credit points awarded.

Linking to your ATA listing

For ATA users you may link your ATA and ATA College account to ensure your qualification is displayed on your ATA listing. This can be done either during signup OR under your account on either ATA(ata.edu.au) or ATA College (ata.college)