What you'll learn

In this module you will learn:

  • How to identify a market opportunity
  • Key questions you need to ask when setting up a tutoring business
  • The role of educational accountability in the private tutoring market
  • Different legal considerations that will affect a business being set up
  • The range of stakeholders you need to manage


How it works

This module consists of:

  • 2 videos
  • 1 pages of text/reading
  • 15 multiple choice quiz questions
  • The module should take approximately 1 hour to complete

To obtain a certificate of completion you will need to pass with a mark of 12/15 or more.

For each module you have 3 attempts. If you fail, you will have the following options to try again.

  • 1st fail – You will be able to re-attempt immediately.
  • 2nd fail – You will be locked out for 24-hours (you will be reminded via email when your next attempt is available).
  • 3rd fail – You will need to re-purchase the module to try again.

Your instructor

Mohan Dhall
ATA College CEO

Mohan is a university lecturer in education and an experienced high school system and educational manager. He teaches undergraduate and post-graduate students. Mohan is a widely published author, writing books and articles for educators, parents, managers and students. He is also the CEO of ATA College.


What is the refund policy?

ATA College operates in accordance with the rules and regulations governed by Australian Consumer Law.

All payments to ATA College are non-refundable subject to the exceptions below:

  • If a subscriber seeks to cancel their study within THREE months of purchase then a refund will be given equal to the unused portion of the subscription (determined on full Module equivalent) less an administration fee of $25
  • If a subscription is cancelled for any reason whatsoever by ATA College including for breaches of the academic rules, impropriety, bringing the ATA College and/or its affiliates into disrepute then no refund will be given.


In the event a subscriber fails a Module on three occasions then NO refund will be given.

ATA College reserves the right to notify any business alliances of the lapse or cancellation so that lapsed or cancelled members cannot continue to take advantage of the benefits offered by such alliances and reserved solely for ATA members.

What background knowledge is necessary?

It is expected that people undertaking the units of study in the tutoring qualification have at least a level of education equivalent to twelve or thirteen years of schooling. That is, they are expected to have successfully completed high school. The vast majority of people will also have completed post-school studies such and a diploma or degree. This will be an advantage.

What is unique about this program?

The modules in the tutoring qualification are affordable and mapped to mainstream teaching standards. This qualification benchmarks tutor training both nationally and globally. Apart from the extent of professional development available, the program is expanding all the time, and includes numerous professionals and experts.

Is this program offered in other languages?

There are modules which are currently being created for people who speak a range of languages. Modules are being drafted in English, Hindi, Cantonese and Vietnamese. 

Can I get academic credits for taking this program?

Academic credit for Core Modules can be granted to subscribers who are teacher qualified, show evidence of teacher qualification AND who take out ATA membership.

On a case by case basis academic credits for any Module by any subscriber may be sought. However, evidence justifying the application for academic credit must be provided. This could include showing evidence of any one or more of:

  • successful completion of prior study
  • industry-based experience
  • publications