Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE)

5 modules
CORE credits
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Completion of this course  (all five modules) is the minimum required to become a qualified tutor. The five units are:

Managing the Tutoring Environment
How Students Learn
An Introduction to Differentiation
Child Protection

Each module in this course will take about two hours to complete. The material is presented in written form and through videos. There are four videos that go with each module.

Each module is assessed through a test. In order to pass a module, a minimum score of 80% must be achieved on the module test.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)


Those who are teacher trained get exemption from all modules except the Child Protection Module, which is mandatory for ALL tutors. They must submit evidence of their teaching qualification and academic transcripts to be granted exemption.

Individual Modules and RPL

Anyone who can show evidence of prior, but incomplete, studies in education may be granted exemptions on units on the basis of RPL. Evidence of prior studies on academic transcripts must be submitted and approved for this to be granted.

$300 $37520% discount for all modules
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