What is a module?

A module is a single unit of education. Each module includes written content, videos and a quiz. Completing a module requires you to pass the quiz which assesses the knowledge you have retained from the module. Once complete, you can download a certificate of completion. More specific details can be found within each module.

How do I take a module?

ATA College modules are entirely on-demand. You can purchase and begin a module at any time. Purchased modules can be viewed in ‘My modules’ within your dashboard.

What is the difference between courses and modules?

Courses contain several modules and are used to group modules into topic areas. Discounts are often available when purchasing an entire course and certain courses when complete can also improve your qualification. Find out more

What is the ATA?

The Australian Tutoring Associated (ATA) is Australia’s peak body representing tutoring organisations and educational tutors nationally. Membership can be purchased via the ATA website and your tutoring services will be advertised via our popular tutor directory.

What is the ATA link?

Once you are a member of the ATA you may link your ATA College account and your qualification will be displayed on your ATA listing. Find out more

Note: If you have purchased any of our Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) modules, a discount can also be applied to your ATA membership fee when you sign up.

What is ‘my qualifications’?

Your qualification is an indication of the level of professional training you have attained. You can read more about qualifications here.

I am still ‘Pending Qualification’?

If you are pending qualification then you have not completed the Tutoring Fundamentals (CORE) course. This course covers the essential topics for being a tutor and must be completed to attain your first level of qualification. Find out more

Where can I go for help?

For any questions please submit your query via our contact us page.