About us

ATA College is the training component of The Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). It was set up because of the need for a high quality, contemporary tutoring qualification in Australia. It is a qualification where the ATA standards are applied. Tutor qualification is widely seen as an essential component of responsible self-regulation where standards matter. The ATA has created the Core Modules and Options in the tutor qualification and has also developed additional modules and courses for tutors.

Promote yourself

Promote yourself and find more students. Members who have completed their qualification will appear first in search results on the Find a Tutor directory.

Get recognition

Verify your tutoring abilities and specialisations. Get the recognition you deserve with a framework and training content that has been widely reviewed and endorsed.

Improve standards

Improve the standard of tutoring in Australia. Qualification incorporates a national background check, as well as content-specific core units for tutors.

The Australian model for tutor qualification has set a national standard. The Australian model mirrors the delivery mode increasingly used by universities through harnessing the use of on-line technologies to deliver the qualification. This means that accessibility and affordability are a central consideration.

Tutors in Australia can now be qualified by an industry-based certification endorsed by the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). This is an important step in raising standards and in providing parents with choice.

ATA CEO Mohan Dhall identified three aspects to responsible self-regulation:

  • An industry body with a Code of Conduct applicable to members.
  • A capacity to discipline members who breach the Code.
  • A system of qualification that benchmarks best practise standards within the sector

The ATA Board recognised some years ago that the industry needed a form of qualification to complete the essential aspects of self-regulation. The Australian model aims to help raise national standards and to vest confidence in the domestic industry. It is very important that parents and their children be given more information so that they can make informed choices. Parents who take on a tutor for their child are advised to only use ATA members and to hold ALL tutors accountable to the ATA Code of Conduct and the ATA qualification.